7 Most Common Mistakes When Creating Your Web Site

Many go betting on starting a business, and the truth is that we need to fill the same tools that generate visibility abroad and could serve to attract customers, the web design is essential for this. In the past there have been corporate websites that instead of achieving interact with customers were only a virtual business card.

The situation now looks differently and the websites most successful are those that are oriented to users and that are well integrated with your social network accounts.

What are the most common site to create your mistakes?

1-Lack of professionalism

The web design should be done by a professional, and in many cases can be up to family companies they hire, but ultimately the decision is usually the most expensive, both in the economic sense as time wasted.

2. Do not choose a correct Content Manager

No suitable Content Manager for all projects, we must weigh the decision on which is the most ideal. The most common are usually WordPress and Drupal, the first of these 2 is a CMS very easy to manage and is highly optimized in SEO, the second is harder to use, but it can also be demanding and complex pages.

3. The Web Design is not important

It is very easy to fall into this error and have the idea that no matter just hire a web designer in order to save money, but in fact need to have a website that shines alone. It is essential to have a good web design and very creative so that the difference between our company and the other is even visible.

4- Accessibility and Usability?

Both are often abandoned in most projects, but in our web design should have a presence both, only then the user will find what you are looking for and therefore return to the website for more then what good would much work if, when the customer comes to our site is not able to find the service or product you are looking for?

5- Do not have a mobile version or responsive

In just a few years mobile devices surpass that of traditional equipment, so it’s worth think ahead, so we can get to where the traditional PC can not reach.

6- Poor quality images

They are very important in web design, as users often return to a site only if the visual image has liked enough

7- Have a coupon capsule business

It need not be very expensive, there are good professionals who usually perform promotional capsules with affordable cost. this will help us attract and convince a larger number of customers, and if we are original is get a good viral impact

Do not go to make these mistakes or fail in your project on your website.

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