What criteria are taken in the design of a web?

Talking about the design of a web can be easy at first, as many consider to program design is to “let the pretty and well dressed page”. Indeed, there’s good reason for this comes in the fact that when someone enters and stays please visit the less satisfied. But all design is based on putting the pretty web, but here they become part of it a number of criteria must always be kept in mind for this work and achieve the desired expectations.

The first is accessibility, ie the ability and the right of everyone to have access to the web. To that until now you had thought that the design had nothing to do with this? Yes, a lot. Speaking of accessibility of all the web should be taken into account both the needs of those who visit and here we mean all kinds of people without regard to issues of relevance as certain disabilities.

The second key aspect in the design of a website is the seaworthiness, that is, the ease with which a user is able to navigate through it. It must be, therefore, as clear and simple as possible, let users quickly find what they’re looking for. Within this factor, it is necessary to emphasize the need for good hierarchical structure of the information (which is sorted), location (that you know where you are at all times) and context (which will guide you around the path traveled by the web).

Finally there is the usability, which is the degree to which the design of a web page has been created by and for the user, focusing on their needs and not to create an original and creative page.

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