Security & WordPress

WordPress lately has suffered numerous attacks by vulnerabilities detected on the premises, so the use of weak passwords, for further configure the CMS with the default user, admin.

They are brute force attacks that have post wordpress manifiestolas weaknesses, a more secure installation being necessary.

Tips for improving the safety of wordpress

If you are going to to perform a new installation, it is best to change:

Prefix the database, remove the default wp leading
Do not use the admin users in the installation
Rename the access routes known as wp-admin, wp-login, etc ..

If we have the facility in place, then we can use plugins to reconfigure what we have installed.
Better WP Security

This plugin allows us to:

Change the user administration, ie rename admin and remove it to the user 1 in the database, something important to gain security.
Renobrar tables in the database by removing the prefix wp, This must be done with extreme caution, it may conflict, for which backup of the database is required before making any changes.
Rename the folders on our wordpress, wp-admin, wp-login, etc … just like this requires backup of the database by conflicts and malfunctions that may occur and if we have to go back.
Protect .htaccess

The plugins guides us and telling us what is priority and what may be fitting, as set up and that steps must be taken.

It is a plugin that greatly increases the safety of our facilities wordpress.

After making the settings you can disable it, because there are other plugins that can come to us better to continue the protection of our installation.

An article where we talk more in depth about security in wordpress, with more detailed analysis of more plugins.

This plugin is a firewall for our wordpress, once configured the above, this plugin is responsible for protecting unauthorized logging attempts, setting the rules to block them.

Another feature that is very useful brings scanning installation files to see if there have been changes in the files and may have been hacked by the core installation, themes or plugin that have been added and we have malware in our private installation.

Here I leave a infografia weaknesses wordpress

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