Advantages Of A Web page specific to Mobile

When you look around and watch people in any public place, it is more likely to see someone browsing the Web from a smartphone like the iPhone. A fifth of Europeans access the Internet via mobile devices every day and this number is increasing.

There are a number of advantages that are worth considering when considering a mobile website, advantages in Brand and Click always have in mind.

Improving search engine rankings / Performance

A mobile website is also used to improve search engine rankings in mobile engines, such as Google search, and allows placement in a growing number of local and mobile directories.

Brand Identity

A mobile website immediately helps to highlight and presents a positive and contemporary identity of your organization. A website optimized for mobile makes a positive statement and the results are positive immediately.

Enhances the mobile user experience.

Mobile web sites are designed specifically for portable devices; nobody wants to browse a web page on your smartphone desktop.

Research on the use of mobile web shows that websites optimized for mobile significantly improve the user experience and satisfaction, which gives a positive impression that is an added value for your company.
The download speed is faster when viewed from mobile devices.

Mobile web sites are designed specifically for mobile standards and optimum download speed, which means less time waiting and more navigation.

Context and Commitment

A mobile website allows users to immediately activate mobile specific features, such as click to call, mapping functions etc. Moreover, if you are a local mobile company, it is especially important to note that more and more visitors find your site through location awareness technology that connects users to your website, when in its proximity .

Competitive advantage

A well designed website for mobile devices puts you in a higher position than its competitors. If your website does not look good for users of smartphones, these will be moved to another website that is optimized for a mobile device. A mobile website ensures that capture your visitors’ attention, and not to despair in times of high load causing leakage to other companies.

Linking QR codes

Mobile devices are unique in their ability to take advantage of new marketing techniques such as QR codes.

QR codes are shown in any advertisement or article printed and when scanned with a smartphone makes automatically start a specific URL of a website or SMS. This means that your ads, brochures or posters may contain QR codes that direct users to a specific mobile landing page that has a lot more information than can be printed on a page or ad plus interactivity

More flexible and cost-effective application development

There are some applications that are best suited to an application format, and often makes sense to have both an application and a mobile website. But for a complete mobile presence; a website optimized for mobile is usually the first practical and effective step. A mobile website is always available on all smartphones while an application requires users to download the application before they can access New

Advertising Opportunities

Mobile advertising is growing at a rapid pace and presents many new opportunities to reach the target audience instantly and accurately. A phone is in most cases not far behind and is within reach 24 hours a day. Do you have a special promotion you want to offer to generate immediate traffic or business? Mobile marketing can do just that.

The mobile web is no longer a concept is a dominant reality that affects any organization seeking to communicate with your audience or customers online. Mobile phones have already sold more than the PCs and devices have become more common access to the Internet worldwide. The responsibility of business is to get a mobile web presence to attract the mobile market and generate new business.
For more information about developing a mobile website to use for your organization, contact us for a free consultation. We will be happy to learn more about their needs and offer recommendations.

The portability and connectivity

A mobile website is also optimized in most cases for iPad devices. This provides an opportunity to connect with specific audiences in a way that is optimized for the user viewing the site at that time.

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