Tips of Design Your Web

Design your Web 5 Important Rules !!

For the special design of its website, we will commit to direct our attention to those small details to make sure that the correct design of your website will serve your purpose, here are basic rules that will force us to watch for the design work properly:

1) Do not use “splash pages” in your web design !.

Those pages one finds immediately when it gets into a web, usually offer a nice picture with words like welcome, or click here in order to enter, and that’s what they are, beautiful websites that have no purpose . Do not give a reason in order that their visits go to their website! Explain the benefit that can be drawn from the content of your website from scratch, without using a splash page.

2) Do not use promotional banners abundant!

Even new web users have been trained to dismiss promotional banners, so your business could be wasting a good area of ​​real estate on your website, it is preferable that provides up of cool content and enter those links in their promotions their contents, have your visits feel they want to buy, rather than push them to buy.

3) Design a simple and easy navigation!

You must develop simple navigation in your web design, that even a child knows how to use it, keep distant flash of complicated menus or drop down menus too large, if the visitors to navigate website know not simply go away.

4) Make your visitors know where they are at any time!

His visits should know where they are located at the time, thus, their views will be able to obtain essential information or navigate to another part of the web in a comfortable way, do not confuse them with your web design atrophied for this reason they could go without spending any time on your page.

5) Use any way audio in your web design!

Suppose that your visit will stay a long time in analyzing your website content, you make sure that absolutely nothing is going to bother when they do, there is nothing more inconvenient for your web design an audio that is over and another round distracting visits, if you insist on adding audio in your web design, make sure that they get to have control of the audio off whenever they want.

I hope this helps a little !!

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