The Best Web Sites To Make Free Internet Courses

On the net you can find countless websites that offer the possibility to make free Internet courses, but it should be noted that not all pages that are presented are reliable and will provide guarantees to be courses that actually have a utility to your professional life. It is essential to know what the web mejoresp√°ginas to make online courses.

The main thing is to make sure that the course is going to make this certificate by the best universities around the world as Harvard or Stanford University. Ideally, the course has a duration of approximately six months (6 months), since the course will not be too long in this way, nor fall short on. Staying constantly learning and acquiring new information is essential to update your skills and become more competitive in the workplace.

Sometimes, conducting free courses premier Internet can be very complex for those who can not afford to pay a sum of money to study, which is why this text will give you a short list of the best websites to make notch courses completely free.
Free Online Courses: What are the best platforms?

Those who seek to increase their knowledge and people become profitable, competitive and a good professional future should know that they have plenty of totally free alternatives at their disposal. So, what are the best platforms for free online courses?

1. Coursera platform:

It is a platform for free online courses that have more than 200 courses of short courses at your disposal in all areas imaginable. It also has 60 affiliated colleges. The course is totally free, but if you want to obtain the certificate will be required to pay a small fee.

Coursera comes as a great option for those who want to get the maximum performance Internet and increase their knowledge without paying a penny for it. This platform facilitates access to education for everyone who wants to improve his life and that of their families. You find courses in both English and Spanish.

EdX platform 2. Universities:

This platform is ideal for those wishing to receive university education so online and totally free from some of the most recognized and prestigious universities around the world as Harvard University or the University of Berkeley, among others.

Platform 3. Udacity

Udacity is an interesting platform which was founded by university professors MTI (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), teachers who specialize in robotics. On this website offer courses in artificial intelligence, physics, statistics, programming, computer science, among others.

4. Faculty Project Platform

In this platform you will find countless courses in different formats (presentations, PDFs, etc.) on numerous topics such as economics, history, anthropology, etc. This project has been created by renowned professors from around the world and renowned universities as the University of Southern California and the University of Miami.

5. Platform INTECO

INTECO (National Institute of Communication Technologies) offers interesting free courses over the Internet for those who are attracted to this subject (IT security, software quality and accessibility). INTECO develops and provides training to those who pre-register.

The free quality education through Internet is incessant and increasing rapidly, and within a short period of time anyone who wishes may have access to top-level education so free.

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