The true value of a Web page Manageable

Frequently asked questions like why choose a managed web site on a static website? other advantages as what I get when purchasing a manageable website? Or is that differences between a static site and a dynamic and manageable site?

To address in a better way this issue, we should first make clear two important concepts: website and web site.
Website also known as web portal

A website is a set of web pages clasped each other with various information. We can imagine a website like a book, where the title of the book is the domain name, the index of the book is a map of the site, and to quote or paragraph of a book is the URL of this information. There are many types of CMS (Content Management Systems) to manage a website, these platforms are created in order to be more friendly to the actual user of the web site. Among the most popular are WordPress and Joomla.
Web page

A web page is an electronic document which is often part of a website which contains specific information about a particular subject. It can contain text, images, audio, video, animations, software, links and many other things. There are websites that consist of one single website.
So why the confusion?

Often misleadingly it used the term to refer website to a website, as providers when offering services point to the web design like the implementation of a website.
Thinking about the best for you

If you wish to purchase a website, there are several ways of creating one, you can be a static website with a modern design, it can be a well structured website, or it can be a website supported by a CMS.

At the time of purchase of your site, ask the computer service provider if you hired was the creation of a website, a static website or a manageable website.
Why choose a CMS on a static website?

CMS have enough aggregate determinants compared to unmanaged or values ​​static website.

A popular CMS like Joomla or WordPress is in full ability to be scalable because it has at its disposal a host of tools ranging from social networks link up virtual stores, which increase your chances to grow.

A CMS generates less costs and easily supports the change and / or modification of content, whereas a static website is a bit more difficult to maintain and generate higher expenses because they need to hire a web designer to carry out changes you need. The same goes for the redesign of the website providing greater benefits because only a CMS must adjust the new design without rewriting the content of the website.

When you choose a CMS manageable for the provider of services does your website, you are giving a great opportunity to be able to manage your own website, since after the vendor launched the website, you have the opportunity to order support you train on how to create and generate own content for your site, without the need to be calling engineer whenever you want to change or add any information.

Another value of acquiring a manageable website without doubt is when your potential customers you can easily find Internet search. Since a CMS alone tends aoptimizar the positioning of your website on search engines like google or bing.

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