The New Face Of Firefox

The popular Firefox, Mozilla browser has just introduced its new face, showing a totally different aspect to old design, presenting a much more sophisticated and easy customization facade. The modifications were many, ranging from web design, including a renewal also its mobile version, to the operation of its extensions.

One of the innovations that include Mozilla, is the way of customizing Firefox, which now allows you can more easily customize your web experience, so that you access the functions you use most every day. You can drag and drop your function, tool or preferred complement the menu or the toolbar.

Another change occurs in the Firefox menu, which includes features, accessories and popular browser controls in one place to make it easier and faster access. The menu is fully customizable, so you can edit or add the functions you use most quickly and easily. Another novelty is the inclusion of WebAPI, as at present, there are over 30 WebAPI of which is a pioneer Mozilla, which unlock more features and functionality of the platform, improving your website rankings.

Finally, the integration of “CSS Flexbox” in the browser makes it easier for developers and web design, create user interfaces that fit the size of the browser window, or create designs that elastic web in accordance with the font size. This is useful when developers are trying to create a consistent user interface for your web site or application across desktop and mobile.

Browsers will always be subject to evaluation by users, either by their extensions or also by its speed to deliver what you need.

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