The designing a successful website Required

In the worldwide there are many family businesses, or businesses that are starting and do not have a large capital investment (especially in developing countries); plus they are people who have some outstanding dexterity and would like to advertise internet but do not know how.

Today almost all hosting and domains offer programs where people can make a site almost intuitively, but ultimately these do not meet the expectations of creativity of the person or even some of these programs find it difficult to handle and end of programmer or programming companies to carry out this work.

In my country Colombia a simple design can range between 250 and 400 USD; which constitute an important asset for a company that has the above features. Many of my colleagues are excellent programmers in its science program, but we are not designers or publicists, and just take care of designing the functionality of the web.

This article is aimed at the person who is the accessibility of these programmers, and does not have the money to hire design firms.

First of all let’s start from the premise that have basic computer skills and internet, that is, enter the web knows, knows how to download a file and install a program.

On this basis we will start this little manual.

Initially you need to know is that you need to start programming a website, and this is a CMS (Content Management System), which is nothing but a program managed, updated, modify the content of any web page. Today there are many content management systems, but the most used and free are Joomla and WordPress.

Although for a programmer, these two programs are very different, for someone who does not know codes are nearly equal, and to them should read this article I write so that they can apply this knowledge whether choosing wordpress as Joomla.

No matter which version you choose, they must register with a hosting service, where you choose.

Once you have registered for the hosting, and created a subdomain, create a database, which in both cases should be in mysql. The control panel of your hosting, provide necessary for you to believe instinctively.

Once the previous step and linking the database with the program during the installation process, the site administrator will open.

Items or pages are those excerpts that you want your website to be displayed.

Depending on the template you have chosen, you can add images, sliders, and configure them the way you want it to be observed on its website.

Each template both Joomla, WordPress and is adjustable to your visual needs, but not their operational needs as being free, the code is protected and is not legal changes without the authorization of the author of the topic.

These themes or templates, are downloaded directly from the site administrators, and only insert the needed to display your web content on the internet.

On youtube there are many tutorials on which this work is done, and it does not take more than an hour in the explanation. Making this small manual, only a driver of reader who dares to start and, in the end, until this step has been no investment of money, just your time.

Like many things in this world are not free, many of the applications that you’ll see in the videos are paid, but the good thing is that there will always be an application or plugin itself is free or free and to give us that extra you need our business and suits our operational needs.

Forward start, there is nothing more rewarding than to see our front page on the web.

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