Four Steps to take a designer to the success of a Web Project

FIRST STEP. The development of a web project must go through a process of subjective analysis, which is only planning thereof, and a work process that is only running to plan. The creation of a web page is known as web development, the word development implies a set of steps, steps and procedures that must meet very carefully to create a website. Then the development is a process and not a single step. Based on the above, a first step in designing a website is to have defined the objectives of the site. And so we must respond to us What do you want with the website? What is the target audience our website? What I offer on my website that sets it apart from others in my niche?

Having established this, we will proceed to stage art design or website. To do this, we must provide us with an image editor such as Photoshop or Fireworks. There are programmers who turn to graphic designers to perform design website. But ideally, from my perspective, it is that a web designer should manage these programs in relation to the development of the website, since it only requires these programs aspects such as gradients, special effects, shadows, lighting, etc. In story to the logo, it is preferable that users provide your company logo or other pay for a graphic designer to create your company logo.

It is important to know the colors that distinguish the company given that on the basis of this place is going to take the phase or stage art, which involves graphic effects and colorful website. And what will distinguish from other websites the same commercial niche. After taking in light of the above, the developer must organize the contents of the design.

It is well known that a website is composed of three main parts: The banner and header, Content and Footer. This content organization design is important because it will determine where the website will particular item. Because of rigorous analysis and planning of content we can locate each element within the web site. And in descending order, the most important or the focus of activity being promoted must be located in the upper secondary content and the lower content.

So if what you want is to invite the user to navigate the site content should be located in the Banner and menu navigation. The theme of the website in the content section and the primary focus at the top, ie, the object of the website. Secondary activities can be placed in the bottom of the content.

For a good content should be added not only plain text but images, videos, highlights but more importantly, relevant content. It does not say everything, a paragraph should be done and leave it in a more …

Finally the Footer. It is advisable to place in this section of the front page, but need not be so, links to social networks. But it is necessary to place a contact form or comments. As well as buttons “Like” on Facebook and “Follow Me” from Twitter. And in the foot, the site map, privacy policies or political website, even a navigation menu as some designers. But from my point of view, it is important, as a work of art should be, the designer must place your logo or link to your page. Not seeking posesionar your site but as the firm has created the work.

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