How to keep longer those who visit your website?

Surely if you’ve done your website is because you want to be seen on the Internet, the question is: Why not read your content site visitors? Much depends on the high rates of abandonment of the site, that is, visitors who do not participate with more than one page of the website, this occurs mainly in small businesses. Here we give some simple solutions for it.

One tool that may prove useful is Google Analytics, if the dropout rate (Bounce Rate) is greater than 50% and the average time is less than 1 minute remaining in the web page, try the following:

Web page
Multimedia content

While visitors will not see much written content because who enters a web page does not come with the great intention to read and read why you should bet to insert audio and video into content you already have. After you’ve made with various types of video or image gallery you must measure the impact to determine that you’ll be using.
Your website is easy to read

If you get in to other sites with a very large density of text then you know how tedious it is to sit and read, so if you have written content we give the following suggestions:

Your paragraphs are not more than 5 sentences
Use subtitles
Add bullets or lists if necessary
Use bold or italics to highlight key words.

Try these simple ways to make your website easy to read and see how visitors make connection with it.

Add internal links

If the user searches for example information relating to the 2014 World Cup and no support pages of the players, the teams to participate in World Cup history or other information will be easier to leave the site, so do not forget to place these bonds, this step will help your SEO.
Invite your readers to action

You can try doing the following:

He suggests giving visitors a view of a specific page or entry on your web page
Encourage them to leave a comment at the end of the blog
Direct them to free videos on your web page

Remember that these are just some basic solutions for improving your website, but may still need further research more about improving your website so we recommend our users to be aware constantly brings you some tips concerning the web .

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