Web usability and user experience

The meaning of the term usability of Use contemplates certain quality, need for effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction, well, that referred to in the WEB, it leads to the discipline of communication, psychology, anthropology, sociology and Human-Computer Interaction , which aims to provide methodologies, practices for the design, evaluation of interactive products that can be used in an efficient, effective, safe and satisfying.

Web usability is therefore directed to achieve the objective of satisfying most users considering a set of rules for better adaptation to the web, it must be fast relative to upload content in a timely manner, not exceed the average of five seconds, it’s good to be simple, not overloaded and easy to navigate, searchable, real text to improve search, avoiding javascript code or graphics, must be compatible with different browsers, it is more compatible HTML and very importantly, must be current, show attractive and reliable information.

To ensure empirically that a site meets the required levels of usability, the designer needs a methodology, techniques and procedures devised for this purpose, in addition to those mentioned above, it is also necessary given by the user to facilitate compliance support the objectives and the development process adapts to the principles of User Centered Design.

It is necessary to design websites with certain accessibility and viability so that the user considers an easy navigation and practice, with ample quality attribute.

The Web User centered design is characterized by assuming that the entire process of designing and developing the website should be user-driven, needs, characteristics and objectives. Design focus on its users (as opposed to center it on the technological possibilities or in ourselves as designers) implies from the beginning to involve users in the development process of the site; know how they are, what they need, for using the site; test the site with users; investigate how they react to the design, how is your experience of use; and always innovate with the clear objective of improving the user experience.

The user experience is the result of good usability and a competitive overview of User Centered Design.

The UX can be measured through the Usability as a discipline applied to the design of interfaces, it measures the quality of experience that a person has when interacting with a website, mobile application, software or any other interface … through that interface and during user interaction it gives us to show the feelings and emotions of the user created.

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