Optimize Your Web Design With F-shaped pattern

Since the so-called Digital Revolution began with the development of the Internet, there were a lot of doubts about the way people read or used Web pages. Countless tests and surveys to better understand the human response to the arrangement of the contents are made.

Finally, with the right technology, based on the analysis of the movement of our eyes to the screen, the researchers found an answer. Virtually all do the same before a screen: a movement look as F, which goes all the content, looking for what interests us most.

Adapt to user behavior

It is therefore appropriate that a website design is based on the behavior of its users, so that they have the best possible experience, stay longer and come to visit the contents interact with them.

We start from the top and we moving from left to right. Come down and reduce our eye movements from left to right.

We pay more attention to images to text, even when they away from this model F.

And, importantly, we not all read the entire contents, leaving what is at the bottom.

Optimize content

Visitors look at first the upper part of the table, so there we place the fundamentals: what is going to find who we are, what to do, etc. It is essential to provide here the first calls to action.

Images do not have to be big, they will call attention to themselves. The main thing is having the right information to invite better understand the site and proceed with the steps that are offered.

Headlines are the next point of attention. They have to catch the visitor. The following are usually scanned, so brevity, conciseness and attraction should be paramount.

There are other Web designs such as the pattern Z or boxes, which also function in a similar way, but the most used is F.

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